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GSG Distribution is dedicated to becoming the industry’s number one moisture solutions company. Combining years of experience with a carefully selected line of proven products, we are well on our way to achieving this goal.

GSG understands that it’s not just about the right products; it’s about proper installation techniques as well. That’s why we have teamed up with quality flooring dealers and coating companies across Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. With years of industry experience and attention to the smallest of installation details, we are proud to say that several million square feet of our products have been successfully installed in all types of market segments with zero failures.

At GSG Distribution, we understand concrete mix designs, and placement will vary. We know that moisture problems can cause extensive delays in construction and create cost overruns. We are here to help, using our extensive knowledge and direct experience to keep these problems from arising or minimizing the cost of an existing problem.

Our products will reduce and
potentially eliminate project delays.

Our products are the most cost effective option to prevent or solve moisture problems.

Our products have the best warranties in the business.


Curing (SF) $0.10 – $0.45
Densifier (SF) $0.10 – $0.15
Temporary Roof $1.50 – $2.00
Remediation (SF) $3.00 – $5.00
Moisture Testing (SF) $0.10 – $0.20
Electricity Varies
Speed of Construction Greatly Improved


SCP 327 is spray-applied at time of placement. When applied to matte finish concrete, SCP Technology penetrates the concrete capillary and pore structure and reacts with the free alkali to form a stable gel within the concrete. This technology will not only water proof your concrete, but, because of its optimal curing benefits, will potentially minimize crazing, slab curl, shrinkage, and expansion.

Moisture-related floor covering and coating problems have become among the most common and costly issues being faced by building owners, design professionals, contractors, manufacturers, and installers. In order to protect our clients and improve the construction process, we specify SCP 327 spray-applied, penetrating, colloidal concrete treatment for new concrete foundations to reduce moisture migration, shrinkage cracking, and slab curling. The improved sub-floor results and compatibility with a wide variety of flooring products has made Spray-Lock an important part of our construction process.

Jeff Edwards, AIA


  • SCP 327 at time of placement ensures that the concrete floor will resist moisture migration. Flooring can be applied in 14 days after concrete placement, allowing facilities to be occupied quicker than in typical flooring applications. Coatings and coverings can be successfully installed after concrete placement with no moisture-related failures.
  • Superior cure equal to or better than moist cure is achieved, eliminating delays. The need for a curing membrane and an epoxy-based water mitigation system is eliminated, saving time and money. Foot and trade traffic can access the slab in just one hour or in 3 hours for really dense concrete or extremely high moisture conditions.
  • SCP 327 provides concrete protection and waterproofing while also providing optimal conditions for densifying and polishing concrete, leaving no surface residue.
  • SCP 327 enhances resistance to chemical and environmental attack.
  • Water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, and odorless, SCP 327 has 0.0 g/ml VOC content. SCP Technology is time-tested with proven concrete protection performance for over 30 years.
  • SCP 327 seals concrete from the inside out and can allow the surface to be breached while still maintaining its seal.
  • Lab tested to withstand over 250-ft of hydrostatic pressure, 330-ft tested in the field.


SCP 327 brings peace of mind to independent school districts and Institutions of higher learning by protecting flooring systems from high moisture content, keeping construction projects on time and within budget. Applied at time of placement, SCP 327 permanently and cost-effectively stops moisture migration, eliminating the probability of construction delays due to costly remediation procedures. The additional security of long-term protection against flooring failure is assured by Spray-Lock’s all-inclusive 15 year warranty.


Fast-Track commercial construction projects are founded on the concept that “time is money”. The faster projects are completed, and doors to businesses opened, the sooner tenants can generate revenue. And while SCP 327 protects flooring from moisture coming from within and beneath the slab, it also prevents moisture from penetrating the surface. Since SCP 327 can be classified as a temporary roofing system, it increases the speed of multi-story projects and serves the secondary purpose of shielding the floors beneath, enabling upper-level construction to continue without delay.


Extensive use of costly sheet goods places the healthcare industry at an increased risk for flooring failure due to high moisture problems in concrete slabs. Low moisture tolerances for these materials are responsible for expensive remediation, and subsequent replacement of flooring, in both occupied and unoccupied facilities. Instead of dealing with the problem after it happens, proactively addressing the potential for failures by using SCP 327 at time of placement eliminates drastic construction delays and ensures long-term protection.

AC•TECH 2170™ FC


AC•Tech 2170 FC is a two component, 100% reactive solids clear epoxy which contains no fillers or extenders and no VOC emissions. It is a true one coat moisture vapor reduction system which has been formulated to remain bonded to properly prepared concrete with high moisture emissions and a high alkaline load.

I have been a moisture mitigation contractor for over 20 years, and my company has installed millions of square feet of vapor barrier in that time. Of all the products we have used over the years, the AC•Tech 2170 is by far the best performer. It has excellent working time, is easy to mix and apply, and has outstanding selfhealing properties. Because it has zero VOC’s, complying with the various safety requirements we encounter is a breeze. It has no upper limits for RH and pH and can be applied as soon as a slab is visibly dry, which makes it perfect for almost every situation. Out here on the front lines, good customer and technical support is indispensable, and AC•Tech’s support team are literally second to none when it comes to real time support when it matters most. We are in a very high risk business and for that reason, AC•Tech 2170 is our moisture mitigation product of choice.

Grant Crump



  • It is acceptable for use on both new and old concrete slabs, on, below or above grade.
  • The AC•Tech 2170 FC can be applied to concrete with tested RH levels of 100% (ASTM F2170) and 25+ lbs. MVER (ASTM F1869).
  • AC•Tech 2170 FC is alkaline insensitive to pH levels of 14 sustained. Because of this high level of performance it does not require moisture testing, as it has no upper limit for moisture. All resilient flooring systems can be installed directly over the AC•Tech 2170 FC, including most resinous floor coatings.
  • AC•Tech 2170 FC is easy to apply after proper surface preparation. Mix, pour, spread with a squeegee and back roll. It cures in 4 hours and is ready for self-leveling underlayment or flooring adhesives to be applied directly over the cured system.
  • AC•Tech 2170 FC is a concrete moisture remediation coating for all types of flooring systems, such as (but not limited to) those installed in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, aircraft hangars, sports complexes, warehouses and re-purposed structures.
  • AC•Tech 2170 FC can be used on any indoor or outdoor concrete structures requiring moisture vapor reduction and alkalinity control and it is a true one coat system.


The optimal solution for remediation of moisture in existing educational facilities is AC•Tech 2170 FC, a fast curing, zero VOC moisture mitigation epoxy. Suitable for placement beneath both wood and vinyl gym flooring, AC•Tech 2170 FC offers a fast 4-hour set for a quick turnaround, ensuring less “down time” for the school. AC•Tech is the most competitively priced product of its kind, versatile enough to fill cracks as well as coat the subfloor, which contributes to both cost savings and ease of application.


Remodeling existing tenant space calls for sensitivity to cost, speed, and air quality. With AC•Tech 2170 FC, flooring can be installed the same day of application, and, because it has zero VOC’s, there is no offensive odor to affect air quality inside the building. The installed price is appropriate for even the tightest budget, making AC•Tech 2170 FC the perfect choice for owners.


The importance of using VOC free products for projects in existing healthcare facilities cannot be underestimated. Hospitals are open 24 hours a day, therefore the welfare of the staff and patients is of utmost consideration when choosing materials. Since AC•Tech 2170 FC has zero VOC’s, temporary ventilation systems are not required to eliminate odor. AC•Tech 2170 FC can also be applied in a thin layer to save time and money by minimizing the need for costly floor prep.

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