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SCP 327 is spray-applied at time-of-placement. On application to matte finish concrete, SCP technology penetrates the concrete capillary and pore structure and reacts with the free alkali to form a permanent colloidal gel within the concrete. This technology will reduce spider-cracking, slab curl, shrinkage and expansion, and minimize scaling and spalling.

SCP 327 at time-of-placement ensures that the concrete floor will resist moisture migration. Flooring can be applied in just 14 days after concrete placement allowing facilities to be occupied in a shorter amount of time than in typical flooring applications. Coatings and coverings can be successfully installed after concrete placement with no moisture-related failures.

Superior cure equal to or better than 28 days water ponding is achieved, eliminating delays. The need for a curing membrane and an epoxy-based water mitigation system is eliminated, saving time and money. Foot and trade traffic can access the slab in just one hour.

SCP 327 provides permanent concrete protection and waterproofing while also providing optimal conditions for densifying and polishing concrete, leaving no surface residue

SCP 327 also enhances resistance to chemical and environmental attack. Water-based, non-flammable, non-toxic, and odorless, SCP 327 has 0.0 g/ml VOC content. SCP technology is time-tested with proven concrete protection performance for over 30 years.


  • Superior, fast-curing media. Equal to or exceeding 28 day water ponding cure.
  • Allows foot traffic in 1-hour for most flatwork. Up to 3-hours for really dense concrete and/or extremely high moisture conditions.
  • Green concrete can accept flooring in as little as 14-days after concrete placement
  • 0.0 g/ml VOC content
  • Water-based
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless


  • Permanently prevents water migration through flatwork or walls 
  • Product can allow surface to be breached while still maintaining its seal
  • Seals concrete from the inside out
  • Lab tested to withstand over 250-ft of hydrostatic pressure, 330-ft tested in the field


SCP 327 is a spray-applied, penetrating Portland cement concrete treatment. It provides benefits at time-of-placement that include: enhanced curing, waterproofing, resistance to salt and chemical attack, freeze-thaw resistance, minimized shrinkage and curling, densification, and surface hardening.

Where to use:

SCP 327 may be applied on any Portland cement concrete element that requires superior protection at time-of-placement. These include, but are not limited to: • Precast Structures • Parking Decks & Ramps • Bridge Substructures & Superstructures • Mechanical Rooms • Roof Decks • Architectural Concrete • General Reinforced Concrete Structures

Packaging & Storage:

SCP 327 is packaged in 5-gallon pails, 20-liter pails, and 330-gallon totes. Product shall ideally be stored in a location that is dry and between 35 °F to 100 °F (2 °C to 38 °C) ambient temperature. Optimal storage is at the middle of the temperature range. Protect from freezing. 5-year shelf life under proper storage conditions.

Surface Preparation:

1. Do not apply on frozen substrate or when temperature can fall below 32 ˚F within 24 hours of application. 2. Apply after final troweling and the concrete can take foot traffic without damage. Note: It is very important to contact SCP for job specific advice regarding correct application before commencing use of this product.


1. When applied at time-of-placement as a superior curing media, use a low to medium pressure sprayer complete with an extension wand and 0.019 – 0.031 inch (0.48-0.79 mm) fan tip spray jet. Be sure to adjust pressure settings so that no surface damage occurs. Hold wand and spray 6 inches (15 cm) from the surface of the substrate at a 90º angle. Apply to newly placed and finished concrete as soon as it is hard enough for foot traffic.

IMPORTANT: Product MUST be applied using an overlapping spray pattern of 50% on the previous run.

2. For slab applications, product should hold a flooded appearance (swimming pool effect) for approximately 15 minutes. There are inherent variations in concrete density; some areas will absorb faster than others. Any area that absorbs product faster than 10 minutes will need to be reapplied until the product no longer absorbs faster than 15 minutes. This is called spraying to the “point of rejection”.

a. If an area is re-applied more than 3 times, contact the SCP technical department for additional information.

b. If product has absorbed thoroughly in the majority of the area, but there is pooling in the low areas, use a broom to spread additional product into the areas already penetrated. Do not allow product to dry in pools. Remove excess with a damp mop.

c. After liquid absorption, treated area can be opened to foot traffic.

d. In the event of product drying on the surface, lightly and quickly sand the entire surface to remove any of the dried product. Remove dust with broom or vacuum.

e. Process is complete.

3. For vertical and overhead applications, work from lowest to highest elevation. Very light and repeated spray passes should be made on the same area until the concrete surface no longer accepts product. Move onto next area after achieving “point of rejection”. Please contact your nearest SCP representative for additional technical support and/or training.


• Use of a dust mask or screen while applying the product is recommended.

• Do not allow excess product to dry on the surface before leaving the site. Remove any excess by brooming.

• Areas of high porosity have a faster absorption rate and may dry immediately after spraying. It is important that the product is applied to achieve surface saturation. It should appear as total flooding (swimming pool effect) over the entire surface with a thickness of approximately 1/16 – inch (1.5mm). Frequently check coverage rates. Surface saturation should hold that appearance approximately 15 minutes. If absorption continues to be excessive, contact the SCP representative.

• If applying flooring or coatings, wait until new concrete is fit for service. Then lightly sand and thoroughly vacuum the surface to remove any contaminants that may be on the surface. Do not flush with water as mechanical removal allows faster access to the surface.

• Like fresh concrete itself and other alkaline materials, SCP 327 may etch glass, shiny aluminum, and brass if left to dry on the surface. Simply remove while wet.

• If considering application of this product over precast concrete products, contact SCP before use as precast concrete products vary widely in porosity and construction.

• Application rates and methods differ when applying overhead and vertically. Contact SCP for additional information.

• DO NOT apply on frozen substrate or when temperature is near freezing.

• DO NOT apply when substrate is 90˚F (32˚C) or higher. If surface temperature is higher than 90˚F (32˚C) then pre-wetting with water is required. Be sure to remove any puddles before applying of SCP.

General Information:

For safe handling information on this product, see the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


Product shall ideally be stored in a location that is dry and between 35 ̊ to 100 ̊ F (2 ̊ to 38 ̊ C), ambient temperature. Optimal storage is at the middle of the temperature range. 5-year shelf life under proper storage conditions.


See Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® limited warranty.

Technical Data:

Color: Translucent Green

Odor: None

Specific Gravity: 1.10 pH: +/- 11.5

Flammability: 0 (non flammable)

Toxicity: None VOC/VOS

Content: 0.0 g/ml

Surface Bond Quality: 100% of Untreated Concrete

Paintability: 100% of Untreated Concrete

Clean-up Solvent: Water

Environmental Impact: None/Neutral

User Status: Friendly

Coverage* Guide SCP 327

  • 140 – 180 ft2 per 1 gallon
  • 3.5 – 4.5 m2 per 1 liter

* Coverage rates are a guide and figures may increase or decrease depending on the porosity of the concrete and spray technique.

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