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Complete Flooring Solutions System

From Pour To Floor in 14 Days

Saving The Flooring Industry Time And Money

Spray-Lock® Flooring Systems Technology offers the fastest and most cost efficient flooring solution that meets the demands of today’s fast-track building process.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® (SCP 327) at time-of-placement is the most effective solution to prevent moisture and alkalinity problems in concrete. SCP minimizes slab curl and shrinkage cracking, and eliminates the expense of traditional remediation at a later date. Flooring can be installed in as little as 14-days after concrete has been placed with no moisture-related problems.

Spray-Lock® Premium Eco Adhesives’ reputation for meeting fast-track building schedules has changed the construction industry. Time-tested in over ½ billion square feet of successful flooring installations worldwide, Spray-Lock® eliminates the need for epoxy and troweling applications in most

flooring products and allows immediate access to all floor traffic.

When using Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® and Spray-Lock® Eco Adhesives as a proven flooring solution system, there is no need for costly moisture testing. Both products are environmentally safe with less than 0.020 g/ ml VOC content. Plus, Spray-Lock® Flooring Systems Technology offers a 10-year moisture system warranty. For warranty information, please visit, www.spraylockcp.com.

spraylock scp327 premium eco adhesive

spraylock scp327 premium eco adhesive

scp 327 time of placement

Permanent moisture and alkalinity protection:

SCP Technology penetrates the capillaries and pores of concrete providing a permanent internal barrier to moisture and alkalinity.

Minimizes construction disruptions:

SCP Technology minimizes construction related delays such as extended curing times, construction traffic restrictions, removal of curing membranes, and the installation of other moisture treatments.

Reduces shrinkage:

SCP Technology provides optimal curing that is equal to or better than water ponding. The result is

SCP Technology provides optimal curing that is equal to or better than water ponding. The result is reduction or elimination of shrinkage related distresses such as plastic and shrinkage cracking, curling and warping, and restraint cracking.

Easy and safe to apply:

SCP Technology is typically spray-applied. Unlike other moisture treatments, SCP Technology is pre-mixed, odorless, and may be exposed to foot traffic in as little as one hour.

No topical membrane damage with future remodels:

SCP Technology is a permanent penetrating treatment that seals concrete capillaries and pores, leaving the surface unaffected. Since it is not a topical membrane, there is little to no potential damage from future remodeling.

Zero VOC and non-toxic treatment:

SCP Technology is a truly green solution. With no VOCs, it is suitable for demanding hospital and commercial settings, or other LEED projects.

scp 327 successful flooring worldwide

No loss of room occupancy income:

With Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive, flooring can be occupied immediately after installation. The only adhesive with sufficient shear strength to allow heavy rolling loads, hospital beds, and room occupancy immediately after installation. Wax and finish floor immediately.

No indentation – Replaces epoxy:

Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive uses 80% less adhesive, eliminating indentation and displacement which telegraphs through the finished flooring.

Heat weld same day:

Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive allows heat welding of sheet vinyl one hour after adhesive application [Conventional adhesive calls for heat welding at a minimum of 24 hours after installation.]

Wax and finish floor immediately:

With Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive, floors can be waxed and finished immediately after installation.

Eliminates trowel marks:

Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive eliminates the need for troweling.

No need to shut down the HVAC:

Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive eliminates the need to shut down HVAC when installing in occupied spaces.

80% less adhesive used:

Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive is the “greenest” adhesive on the market with 0.020 g/ml VOC content and 80% reduction of adhesive consumption [1/2 the VOCs of cranberries ppm].

Spray-Lock ® Flooring Systems Time-Proven Concrete Solutions

Dick’s Sporting Goods Fast-Track Construction Miamisburg, Ohio

In early 2012, national retail construction company Fulcrum Construction wanted to complete a 20,000 square foot Dick’s Sporting Goods project quickly, while also providing a sustainable flooring solution. In order to expedite the construction process, Fulcrum used SCP 327 at time of-placement to ensure that the concrete floor would resist moisture migration and reduce spider-cracking, slab curl, shrinkage, and expansion. In just 14 days after concrete placement, Fulcrum used Spray-Lock ® Premium Eco Adhesive to apply the vinyl flooring. Foot and trade traffic accessed the floor shortly after flooring installation. SprayLock® Flooring Systems Technology also saved time and money by eliminating the need for costly flooring/surfacing preparation. Using the Spray-Lock ® Flooring Systems Technology allowed the retail store to open two weeks early. Over a year later, the floor is in excellent condition — time-proven, having incurred none of the industry’s typical flooring complications.

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