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The construction industry’s new standard


Spray-Lock, Inc. has invented and produced a revolutionary line of Premium Eco Adhesives, using the world’s most advanced and earth-friendly adhesive technology for floor and wall applications. Our products positively impact the environment and perform better than most trowel adhesives. Some of our products’ benefits include:

  • Up to 80% less adhesive use
  • High shear strength upon application
  • High moisture and pH resistance
  • No HVAC shutdown
  • • No trowel marks
  • Immediate access to all traffic
  • 0.0 g/mL VOCs
  • Flooring re-use and recycling
  • Reduction of work-related injuries
  • • No offensive odors

5-year warranties on over 500+ flooring products


Products bearing the FloorScore logo meet the indoor air quality emissions criteria of LEED, CHPS, the Green Guide for Healthcare, and are recognized by a long list of healthy building programs.

Products bearing the Green Seal Certified logo meet Green Seal™ Standard GS- 36 based on effective performance and protective limits on VOCs and human and environmental toxicity.

Products bearing the CRI Green Label Plus logo are tested and found to have very low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), setting a higher standard for indoor air quality (IAQ).

All Spray-Lock products exceed US EPA Indoor Air Quality Standards for VOCs, by having 0.0 g/mL VOCs, according to EPA Test Method 8260B.


Spray-Lock manufactures and distributes <0.020 g/ml VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds) Premium Eco Adhesives for floor and wall applications. Our water-based acrylic adhesives are delivered by unique spray technologies, which greatly improve indoor air quality (when compared to traditional adhesive use), increase productivity and deliver occupational safety and health benefits.

Spray-Lock Adhesives are a safer alternative to contact adhesives or 2-part epoxy adhesives. They can be used in occupied areas such as healthcare facilities, worksites, hospitals and schools with less health risk.

We also promote recycling and sustainability through Spray-Lock Adhesives. All products come in spray cans that are 100% recyclable, and they use a fraction of the mass and none of the harmful chemicals found in traditional adhesives. Using our adhesives increases safety and largely reduces the manufacturing, transportation, storage and application of adhesive materials compared to traditional bucket and trowel adhesives.


Spray-Lock’s mission is to develop and promote water-based aerosol technologies that reduce adhesive consumption by 80%, while saving time and money on construction projects.

Thank you for considering our Spray-Lock Adhesives technology. We are continuously developing new formulas for a variety of other applications and are happy to do testing for our clients. Every day we strive to maintain the highest standards of excellence and integrity. I hope this Spray-Lock ethic will be evident as we provide support to you and your construction needs.




The reputation of Spray-Lock Premium Eco-Adhesives for meeting fast track building schedules has changed the construction industry. Time-tested in over ½ billion square feet of flooring installations worldwide, our adhesives’ many benefits continue to prove invaluable. Spray-Lock’s technical team has tested over 500 flooring products with our adhesive range and we offer PDF statements of performance supporting each approved flooring products on our website. To find out which formula is best for your flooring and substrate, visit www.spraylock.com for a list of flooring materials and the approved products for them.

3100 & 3500 | Sheet Goods Adhesives

Spray-Lock 3100 and 3500 Sheet Vinyl Flooring Adhesives are ideal for time-sensitive sheet vinyl installations, especially in healthcare facilities. They allow for heat welding after 1 hour and immediate access to flooring after installation is complete. Typical sheet vinyl installations using epoxies for heavy static/rolling loads require a cure time of 48-72 hours depending on the manufacturer. Spray-Lock 3100 and 3500 expedite installation, allowing immediate patient room occupancy with no loss of revenue to the hospital. When installing in occupied spaces, Spray-Lock 3100 and 3500 eliminate the need to shut down the HVAC and fans to exhaust fumes from the building. Visit our website to find out which formula will work best with your flooring and substrate. (SKU: IL-3100-22-UD & IL-3500-22-UD) and check out www.vectorconcepts.com for all your hospital flooring installation needs.

8 lbs. MVER, 90% RH, 11pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 150 – 185 ft²                

Coverage per case of six cans: 900 – 1,110 ft²

6100 | Carpet Pad Adhesive

Spray-Lock 6100 is an incredibly efficient method for installing carpet pad and much more effective when compared to labor-intensive trowel adhesives. Additionally, replacing the heavy trowel and bucket with the 22-ounce can of 6100 immediately increases productivity. Like all Spray-Lock Adhesives, 6100 is ideal for installation in occupied spaces as it eliminates the need to shut down the HVAC or use fans to exhaust fumes from the building. (SKU: IL-6100-22-UD)

8 lbs. MVER, 90% RH, 11pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 150 – 185 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 900 – 1,110 ft²

 6200 | Carpet Tile Adhesive

Spray-Lock 6200 is a revolutionary flooring adhesive designed for approved carpet tiles. It greatly reduces install time and allows spaces to be opened to traffic immediately after installation, and its releasability makes carpet tile replacement a fast repair job. Because there is no adhesive contamination on the reclaimed flooring, Spray-Lock 6200 is one of the only adhesives that allows for recycling of old discarded flooring. (SKU: IL-6200-22-UD)

8 lbs. MVER, 90% RH, 11pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 150 – 185 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 900 – 1,110 ft²

6500 | LVT Flooring Adhesive

Spray-Lock 6500 is designed for luxury vinyl planks and tiles (LVT) and has been installed and warranted for hundreds of millions of square feet. LVT is quickly becoming the fastest growing flooring option in both commercial and residential installations due to its low cost, durability and variety of designs. 6500 increases those benefits by reducing overall cost per square foot and keeping projects ahead of schedule by allowing immediate traffic. Some national retailers have been able to reduce their construction schedule solely based on the benefits and productivity of 6500. (SKU: IL-6500-22-UD)

8 lbs. MVER, 90% RH, 11pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 150 – 185 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 900 – 1,110 ft²

9500 | VCT Flooring Adhesive

Spray-Lock 9500 takes productivity to a new level for vinyl composite tile (VCT). It is at least 30% faster in adhesive applications and has a much lower profile when compared to trowel adhesives. Like LVT, VCT is a popular commercial flooring option that is attractive and affordable. Installers can eliminate the costly process of waiting for adhesive to set up by relying on Spray-Lock 9500’s short tack time and longer working time. As soon as installation is complete, floors can be waxed, finished and opened to all traffic. (SKU: IL-9500-22-UD)

8 lbs. MVER, 90% RH, 11pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 170 – 200 ft ²

Coverage per case of six cans: 1,020 – 1,200 ft²

6500 Platinum | LVT Flooring Adhesive

Spray-Lock 500 Platinum has been leading the industry for over 10 years as high moisture and pH tolerant adhesive for luxury vinyl planks and tiles (LVT), and it is the most cost effective on the market. 500 Platinum has taken one national account’s moisture failure rate of 23% down to less than 1% over span of 300 million square feet. Whatever the cause for excessive moisture in subfloors, 500 Platinum is time-saving and reliable solution for fast track installation. SKU: L-6500P-22-UD)

10 lbs. MVER, 95% RH, 12pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 125 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 600 – 750 ft²

9500 Platinum | VCT Flooring Adhesive

Spray-Lock 9500 Platinum Adhesive is our warranted solution for installing VCT in high moisture environments, as well as the most cost effective. Unlike bucket adhesives that are loaded with low moisture tolerant fillers, Spray-Lock 9500 Platinum is formulated with only pure polymers. In addition to having Spray-Lock’s reliably short tack time and long working time, 9500 Platinum is the safeguard against failed VCT installations due to high moisture issues. And because of its low profile, 9500 Platinum provides a moisture tolerant floor with a finish as smooth as the substrate. (SKU: IL-9500P-22-UD)

10 lbs. MVER, 95% RH, 12pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 170 – 190 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 1,020 – 1,200 ft²

ESD 1005 | Conductive Spray Adhesive

Engineered to enhance the floor’s ability to bring static charges safely to ground, Spray-Lock ESD Adhesive provides major time savings compared to traditional ESD epoxy adhesive applications. In fact, it is so advanced it provides a safe path to ground while using 80% less adhesive and offering superior protection against sub-floor moisture and pH. Spray-Lock ESD Adhesive is recommended for Electronic Manufacturing, Health Care, Mission Control, IT Equipment and Computer Server Rooms, with additional applications growing steadily. (SKU: IL-ESD-1005-22-UD)

7 lbs. MVER, 85% RH, 11pH

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 100 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 600 ft²

FRP Adhesive

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive is changing the rules when installing fiberglass-reinforced panels (FRP), on both porous and non-porous substrates. With Spray-Lock FRP, a large area can be sprayed with a 4-hour working time. Instead of constantly applying adhesive to the back of panels, installers can spray out the work area and immediately focus on sheet installation — typically installing 30% more FRP sheets a day and greatly increasing productivity. Spray-Lock FRP also has instant grab that eliminates panels from sagging. And because of its low odor, installations can be done in occupied areas. It has a proven track record of over 19 million square feet of installation. (SKU: IL-FRP-22)

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 70 ft² (2 sheets – 8’x4’)

Coverage per case of six cans: 420 ft²

Wall Tile Adhesive

Spray-Lock Wall Tile Adhesive (WTA) is an innovative application that cuts install time by over 50%. With Spray-Lock WTA, there are no more sagging tiles or the need for a ledger board when working around a design, and tile can be installed over porous or non-porous substrates. Since grouting can begin within 1 hour of the application, installers gain the flexibility to finish a backsplash or wall tile installation in only 1 day, rather than coming back 24 hours later to grout as required by traditional methods. Spray-Lock WTA also eliminates messy grout lines, which allows for an easier and quicker clean up. It will work on tiles up to 6”x6” and all mosaic tiles on a backing. Spray-Lock WTA is TCNA (Tile Council of North America) approved for use in shower applications. (SKU: IL-WTA-22)

Coverage per single 22 oz can: 40 – 50 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 240 – 300 ft²


RugLock is a permanent spray-on non-slip rug backing that firmly holds rugs in place to interior surfaces including hardwood, hard tiles, vinyl flooring and carpet. According to the National Safety Council, falls are the leading type of unintentional home-related injury deaths. With the introduction of RugLock, Spray-Lock has entered the consumer market with a real-world solution to a common household problem. (SKU: IL-RUGLOCK-16 & IL-RUGLOCK-10)

Coverage per single 16 oz can: 25 – 50 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 150 – 300 ft²

Coverage per single 10 oz can: 15 – 30 ft²

Coverage per case of six cans: 90 – 180 ft²


3100, 3500, 6100, 6200, 6500, 6500P, 9500, 9500P, ESD 1005


With a 3-4 hour working time, all foot and trade traffic can access the floor immediately due to the instant shear strength.


Our non-toxic adhesives eliminate the need to shut down HVAC when installing in occupied spaces.


Floors can be waxed and finished immediately after installation.


Our adhesives leave no marks like trowel-applied adhesives.


Our products use 80% less adhesive, therefore eliminating adhesive indentation and displacement.


Heat welding of sheet vinyl can be done one hour after installing flooring, compared to the minimum of 24 hours conventional adhesives require.


There are no harmful fumes that require fans to exhaust from buildings.


Our standard product line withstands elevated moisture content of 8 lbs. MVER,
90% RH with an 11pH tolerance, and our Platinum range withstands up to 10 lbs. MVER, 95% RH and a pH of 12.


Our adhesives contain only 0.020 g/mL VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), remove
the need for solvents, are releasable and allow flooring to be re-used or recycled.


Faster Installation and Immediate Access

Fast-track construction has become the standard in the commercial and retail building process as an efficient way to save time and money. Because Spray-Lock Adhesives can be used in occupied spaces and allow all traffic immediately, they are quickly becoming the preferred option for retailers seeking to open new stores and turn remodels around in record time.

Spray-Lock’s instant shear strength allows for all traffic without any adhesive indentation, displacement or movement associated with heavy weight-bearing loads. Floors can be waxed and finished immediately, and within an hour of installation, racks and displays can be moved onto the newly-installed flooring. And because Spray-Lock Adhesives use an advanced spray technology, installations are done much quicker than traditional trowel methods.

Floors can be waxed and finished immediately, and within an hour of installation, racks and displays can be moved onto the newly-installed flooring.

Installers have switched to Spray-Lock products not only because they’re faster and easier, but also because they’re compatible with many different products and market segments. Flooring companies gain the versatility and flexibility needed to do jobs quickly. Spray-Lock formulas are also non-toxic and low odor, so during remodels, retailers can actually install new or replacement flooring in sections while remaining open to customers.

Spray-Lock Adhesives stand above the competition because they withstand elevated moisture content of 8 lbs. MVER, 90% RH with an 11 pH tolerance for all standard Spray- Lock formulas, and our Platinum products withstand up to 10 lbs. MVER, 95% RH and a pH of 12. That’s why Spray-Lock is becoming the preferred solution to moisture problems in retail and commercial flooring across the United States.


Millions of sq. ft. of Proven Healthcare Flooring Solutions

Installing flooring in healthcare facilities can be difficult and time-consuming, relocating patients and resources in the process. Spray-Lock makes the only adhesives with sufficient shear strength to allow hospital beds and room occupancy immediately after installation. A healthcare facility can actually gain 2 billable days by using Spray-Lock Premium Eco Adhesives.

Epoxy installations typically require at least 36-72 hours from job start to room accessibility. In less than 30 minutes, Spray-Lock Adhesives are dry to the touch and ready for installation, with a 3-4 hour working time once the adhesive has tacked. In addition to quick set up and shorter working times, Spray-Lock Adhesives also allow installers to heat weld sheet vinyl just 1 hour after installation is complete. Conventional adhesives, on the other hand, require a minimum of 24 hours set up time before heat welding.

Spray-Lock makes the only adhesives with sufficient shear strength to allow hospital beds and room occupancy immediately after installation.

Another benefit to using Spray-Lock products is that their low odor, 0.0 g/mL VOCs formula does not atomize into the air. When installing in or next to occupied spaces, there is no need to shut down HVAC or move patients, increasing productivity for hospitals operating while under renovations.

Spray-Lock Adhesives also replace the need to seal high moisture concrete. The standard product line can withstand elevated moisture content of 8lbs. MVER, 90% RH, and a pH of 11. Spray-Lock’s Platinum product line provides a 95% RH with a 12 pH and moisture resistance up to 10 lbs. MVER.

• Abbott Northwestern Hospital
• Adventist Medical Center
• Alta Bates Patient Pavilion
• Baptist Hospital-Miami
• Barrow Hospital
• Battle Mountain Hospital
• Cancer Treatment Center of America
• Central WA Hospital
• Chelsea Hospital
• Cleveland Clinic
• Community Hospital of Fresno
• Corners Children’s Hospital
• Eastside Medical Center
• El Camino Hospital
• Elmhurst Hospital
• Emanuel Hospital-Salem and Mt. Hood
• Emory Hospital
• Erlanger Hospital
• Fillmore County Hospital
• Florida Hospital Wellness Center
• Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
• Fulton County Hospital
• Gary Fenway Hospital
• Good Samaritan Hospital
• Grady Hospital
• Grey’s Harbor Hospital
• Group Health System
• Gwinnett Medical Center
• Harrison Hospital
• Health South Plano Rehabilitation Hospital
• Highline Medical Center
• Hoag Hospital
• Huron Valley-Sinai
• Inspiro Health & Wellness
• Jennie M. Melham Memorial Hospital
• JFK Hospital

• Jones Regional Medical Center
• Kaiser Permanente
• Kalispell Regional Medical Center
• Laredo Nursing & Rehabilitation
• Las Colinas Medical Center
• Lone Peak Hospital
• M D Anderson Hospital
• Memorial Hermann Texas
• Memorial Hospital Chattanooga
• Mercy Hospital
• Mercy Imaging & Oncology
• Mountain View Hospital
• Nationwide Children’s Hospital
• North Fulton Hospital
• North West Hospital
• Northside Women’s Hospital
• Ohio State University Medical Center
• OHSU Hospital
• Parkland Hospital
• Piedmont Fayette Hospital
• Piedmont Mountainside Hospital
• Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center
• Presbyterian Hospital
• Providence Everett Medical Center
• Providence Hood
• Providence Hospital Anchorage
• Providence Hospital Portland
• Providence Hospital Everett
• Reliant Dallas Rehab Hospital
• Reliant Hospital Mid-Cities
• Ridgeway Medical Center
• Rockdale Medical Center
• Samaritan Hospital
• Skagit Valley Medical Center
• Southern Regional Medical Center
• Southwestern Regional Medical Center
• St. Anthony Hospital

• St. Charles Medical Center
• St. Clair Hospital Federal Way
• St. Clair Hospital Tacoma
• St. Francis Hospital
• St. Joe’s Hospital
• St. Luke’s Hospital
• St. Mary’s Missoula
• St. Mary’s Haunstein
• St. Mary’s Hospital Saginaw
• St. Mary’s Medical Center Reno
• Southern Regional Medical Center
• Spalding Regional Medical Center
• Stanford University Medical Center Clinic
•Stone Springs Medical Center
• Summa Hospital
• Sutter General Hospital
• Swedish Hospital Seattle
• Swedish Hospital Issaquah
• Tanner Medical Center
• Terrell State Hospital
• Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital
• The Toledo Hospital
• Toledo Clinic
• UC Davis Medical Center
• University of Cincinnati Hospital
• University of Toledo Medical Center
• VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System – Highland
• Vermillion Housing District Long Term Care
• Walla Walla VA Hospital
• Wellstar Hospitals-Austell, Dallas, Douglasville, Marietta
• Wheeling Hospital
• Woodland Healthcare
• Yakima Regional Medical Center


Innovative Solutions for Fast-Track Remodels

Spray-Lock Premium Eco Adhesives offer innovative solutions for all resilient flooring, FRP and wall tile projects in restaurants and hotels. Time is money during remodels. With Spray- Lock Adhesives, a hotel room or restaurant floor can be turned around in just a few hours. Our flooring products tack quickly and provide a 3-4 hour working time, with instant shear strength that allow traffic immediately after installation. Guests can occupy the space as soon as furnishings are set. And Spray-Lock’s FRP and Wall Tile Adhesives provide releasability and long working times that allow installers to reposition tile and panels as needed, without stopping to spread glue.

Tiles and panels can be replaced in hotels and restaurants without inconveniencing guests, and room revenue in non-remodel areas will not be impacted.

Another benefit to Spray-Lock Adhesives is their low VOC content. When using our wall and flooring products, there are no offensive odors and no need to shut down HVAC. Tiles and panels can be replaced in hotels and restaurants without inconveniencing guests, and room revenue in non-remodel areas will not be impacted.

Unlike epoxy adhesives, Spray-Lock is releasable at the end of flooring life, making carpet tile, vinyl plank and vinyl tile reusable and recyclable. Less scraping, less mess and faster turnaround during construction means less negative impact on the overall guest experience, as well as on the environment.


Over Half a Billion sq. ft. of Successful Flooring Solutions

Spray-Lock Premium Eco Adhesives have become the preferred flooring solution of major retailers throughout North America. Using Spray-Lock solves moisture and high pH issues, reduces labor costs, and allows occupation of spaces faster than any other flooring adhesive.



Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle for a Healthier Planet


Spray-Lock products are engineered to protect the environment and those who live in it. By using 80% less adhesive, Spray-Lock directly impacts the conservation of our natural resources. Spray-Lock uses water to deliver its polymers instead of solvents like traditional adhesives. When solvent-based adhesives are drying and curing, they are known to emit cancer-causing chemicals, which contribute toward “Sick Building Syndrome.” Spray-Lock uses a safe, non-ozone-depleting propellant. No excess water is used in the process as all liquid waste is retained and then shipped off-site to be treated, recycled, and reused. This is our commitment to keeping our streams and rivers free of manufacturing waste.


Spray-Lock is designed to be releasable at the end of flooring life. This allows for reuse of flooring such as carpet tile, vinyl plank, or vinyl tile.


Spray-Lock allows you to divert used flooring from landfills and direct them to recycling facilities. Our products are packaged in recyclable aluminum cans and shipped in post-consumer recycled boxes. Thanks to the dramatic reduction in applied adhesive, Spray- Lock leads the flooring industry in recyclability.


The Only Adhesive Technology Offering 80% Conservation

of Adhesive Consumption Worldwide

By using the Spray-Lock line of green commercial adhesives, you may qualify for the following LEED™ credits:

Spray-Lock contains 0.0 g/ml VOC’s in content and meets or exceeds South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule #1168.

2  In order to comply with the requirements of EQ Credit 4.3, the adhesives used must comply with EQ Credit 4.1. See LEED New Construction reference guide.


  • EQ Credit 4.1 – Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives 1

MAY APPLY TOWARDS REACHING:                                           

  • EQ Credit 4.3 – Low-Emitting Materials, Carpet Systems 2
  • MR Credit 2.1 – Construction Waste Management (EB)
  • MR Credit 3.1 – Materials Reuse
  • MR Credit 4.1 – Recycled Content
  • MR Credit 5.1 – Regional Materials


Case Studies Showing the Reduced Environmental Impact


300,000,000 FT2
By using Spray-Lock Eco Adhesives, Walmart reduced its impact on the environment from 2006-2010 by the following amounts:

  • 6,913,850 lbs. of glue
  • 333,198 gallons of water
  • 229.71 tons CO2e of green house gases
  • 149 truckloads off the highway


250,000 FT2
By using Spray-Lock 3500 Eco Adhesive, Elmhurst Hospital reduced its impact on the environment by the following amounts:

  • 19,407 lbs. of glue
  • 874 gallons of water
  • .86 tons CO2e of green house gases
  • .46 truckloads off the highway


Engineered to Enhance Safely-Grounded Static Charges


Electronic Manufacturing                                       Healthcare                                                                         Mission Control

Spray-Lock ESD 1005 reduces interference with static discharge by providing a safe path to ground with 80% less adhesive, unlike traditional ESD adhesive applications. Approved for both vinyl and carpet tile, this adhesive does not require any sealers for high moisture applications and is warranted to withstand elevated moisture levels of 7 lbs. MVER, 85% RH, and 11 pH. While maintaining electrical continuity between all ESD tiles, Spray-Lock ESD’s water-based formula is easy to clean and releasable, expediting both installations and flooring replacement jobs.


ESD Flooring Systems, applied with ESD 1005 adhesive, were tested according to ANSI ESD S 7.1 yielding a rating of “very conductive.” At both Surface to Ground and Surface to Surface testing, our products rated at 1.0 x 105 or better in an environmental relative humidity of both 50% and 12%. When tested according to ANSI/ESD S20.20 at RH of both 50% and 12% our products are in compliance with the standard when tested as a system with approved ESD vinyl tile and ESD carpet tile.


Install More FRP Sheets With Longer Working Times

Spray-Lock FRP Adhesive is the best option for installers looking for a lightweight spray adhesive with the longest working time on the market. Instead of constantly applying adhesive to the back of panels, installers can spray out the work area and immediately focus on sheet installation — typically installing 30% more FRP sheets a day, eliminating panels from sagging and saving valuable time. Offering a low profile that adheres to both porous and non-porous surfaces, Spray-Lock FRP is versatile enough for nearly all types of panels and substrates. Each can covers a minimum of 70 ft2 or two sheets (8′ x 4′ panels). Instead of troweling out a 45 lb. bucket of traditional FRP adhesive, you can use 5 lbs. of Spray-Lock FRP and spray directly to the substrate.

4 HOUR WORKING TIME – INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY Installers can spray out the work area and then focus on sheet installation without stopping to spread glue, allowing more FRP sheets to be installed.

INSTANT GRAB – NO BRACING REQUIRED Immediate shear strength eliminates sagging, shifting, and bracing during installation. No need for mechanical anchors and no need to prop panels.

CONSERVES MATERIALS Three cans of FRP Adhesive, weighing a total of 5 lbs., provide the same coverage as a 3.5 gallon, 45 lb. bucket of trowel-based adhesive. Lifting 40 lbs. less saves installers time and energy, and uses smaller truckloads.

Approved Panels
NRP, FRP, Kydex, Acrovyn, and Plastic and Composite Wall Panels
Adheres to Properly Prepared
Porous Substrates:
Plywood, Drywall, DensShield, Water Resistant Drywall
Non-Porous Substrates:
Metal, Steel, FRP, PVC, Paint, Ceramic Tile, High Press Laminate, and more


A Permanent Solution To Stop Rugs From Slipping

There are some trips you don’t want to take, and RugLock is here to make sure your household rugs are no longer at risk of sending you on one. RugLock is a spray-on solution that does what rug pads, tape, and traditional adhesives cannot by creating a permanent non-slip rug backing that grips to all floors in your home without damaging surfaces. It can be easily peeled up and repositioned. Compared to rug pads, RugLock is lower in cost per square foot and can be used on all sized rugs without unsightly pads sticking out. RugLock is also ecofriendly, water-based, non-toxic and made in the USA, making it the best option for environmentally conscious consumers concerned about what products are use in their home.


With 0.0 g/mL VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), RugLock is a non-toxic, water-based formula, so it’s safe to use inside your home and doesn’t have a harsh odor.



Worried about damage to your hardwood floors? Don’t be. RugLock has no harmful chemicals, so it won’t ruin your floors. If RugLock transfers to the floor, it can be rubbed off by hand or with a damp cloth, leaving no sticky residue.


Applying RugLock is as easy as 1-2-3, or in our case, Prep, Spray and Lock. Unlike other methods, there’s no need to cut for size, so you only use what you need, eliminating wasted product.


Open drop cloth in an area away from obstructions. Place rug upside down in the center of the drop cloth, leaving plenty of room along edges. Remove all lint and dirt from back of rug to ensure effective bond. A lint roller is recommended. Use painter’s tape along the edges to protect the front and any fringe from overspray. If overspray occurs, remove with damp cloth immediately.


Shake can well. Gently snap off trigger safety tab. Hold can at knee height (approximately 18-20 inches away). Spray from left to right in a sweeping motion. Evenly work your way down the rug, letting product fall onto rug back like snow. Let RugLock dry completely indoors, for 8 – 12 hours.


Remove tape from edge, and place rug as desired on clean surface. Apply pressure to lock the rug into place. If backing loses grip over time, simply wipe with a damp cloth, let dry and the tack will return. If RugLock transfers to floor, the residue can be rubbed off by hand or with a damp cloth.

“I have tried every type of non-slip pad, tape, etc. None have worked – only helped or left a residue. Frustrated I decided to give RugLock a try. It is fantastic. I have nothing but good things to say about it!”

For more information, visit        www.ruglock.com


Grouting in 1 Hour Means Faster Installation

As one of the most innovative developments in wall tile installations, Spray-Lock WTA (Wall Tile Adhesive) is a time-saving and easy-to-use spray adhesive unlike any other tile adhesive. It eliminates sagging and the need for shims, spacers, and ledger boards, and Spray-Lock WTA can be installed over porous or non-porous substrates. There is no need for mixing and troweling, and it is easy to clean up, but the biggest advantage to using Spray-Lock WTA is the ability to grout within 1 hour of the adhesive application. Also, its low profile makes it ideal for glass and stone mosaic installations. Approved for use on tiles up to 6″x6″ and mosaics on a backing, WTA is the best option for nearly all wall tile installs.


Spray entire wall and set tile within minutes.


No need for spacers, ledgers or nails since once the adhesive has tacked up, there is absolutely no slipping.


Due to a thinner bed of adhesive, there is no buildup or bleed through of thinset or mastic into grout lines, which is especially important for glass and stone tile.

For Use With
Glass Tile, Mosaics, Porcelain, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Granite, Travertine,
Thin Porcelain 4×8 Sheets

Adheres to Properly Prepared
Water Resistant Drywall, Hardie Board, Green Board, DensShield, Fiberglass,
Plywood, Primed Sheet Rock, Metal, Glass, Existing Wall Tile and more


5-Year Warranties on Over 500+ Flooring Products

Our warranties cover over 500 flooring products, not only for material but     also labor. These warranties are effective only in the contiguous United States, Alaska & Hawaii.

  • Standard Warranty: 8 lbs, 90% RH, 11 pH
  • Platinum Warranty: 10 lbs, 95% RH, 12 pH

For more warranty information, contact Technical Services at 423-305-6151 or visit www.spraylock.com.


Offering Unsurpassed Technical Support

Along with the most advanced adhesive technology in the resilient flooring industry, Spray-Lock provides technical support that is second to none. Our team of Technical Services experts will work closely with you to ensure your team is equipped to handle any situation that may present itself. From simply being able to explain features and benefits, to breaking down complex characteristics of the adhesive’s performance, it is our goal to ensure you fully understand everything that sets Spray-Lock Adhesives apart from the competition.


Partnered to Provide Education to Our Customers

Spray-Lock has partnered with AlA (The American Institute of Architects) to provide quality education. AlA advocates at the national, state, and local levels to support AIA members in mastering new knowledge and skills to meet the changing requirements of their profession. They help their members stay connected with other local professionals and keep them informed about local, state, and national issues. Spray-Lock is an AIA Passport Provider authorized to conduct face-to-face and distance learning courses nationally and internationally offering Spray-Lock branded content.

For more information or to find out which formula is best for your flooring and substrate, visit


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