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SCP Technology Saves Maintenance Costs at Southern Adventist University

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Located in Collegedale, Tennessee, Southern Adventist University consistently ranks in the top tier among Southern Regional Colleges in the United States. Its beautiful campus boasts a landscape well known for its design and impeccable maintenance. In 2010, the Landscape Services team selected Spray-Lock Outdoor Concrete Protection® Technology (SCP) as part of its maintenance system.

Landscape Services Director Mark Antoine states, “The simplicity of the application and the fact that it’s applied only once, and lasts for the entire life of the concrete, made the decision to use Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® an easy one. We have been applying SCP Technology to all new outdoor concrete and are noticing that the concrete is cleaner and exhibits great qualities such as minimal cracking, and no mildew growth.”

“After two major storms this winter we experienced hard freezes, with the temperature dropping to single digits, and below zero for a brief period of time. What we saw on the concrete, protected with SCP Technology, went beyond our expectation. After application of de-icing chemicals, there was no damage whatsoever. It took less de-icing product to remove the ice, it dried quicker, and the concrete retained its integrity and looks.”

Spray-applied at time-of-placement, SCP Technology provides a fast, superior cure equal to or exceeding water ponding. On application to rough finish concrete, SCP Technology penetrates and reacts to form a gel within the concrete capillary and pore structure. It reduces water migration levels and can prevent dirt and other debris from collecting in the pores of the concrete. By protecting the concrete against de-icing chemicals and salt damage, the need for costly repairs is reduced, lowering maintenance costs.

With SCP, foot traffic is accessible to most flatwork in 1-hour. In really dense concrete or extremely high moisture conditions, it may take up to 3 hours.

Antoine said, “I can say without a doubt that our concrete investment has been, and continues to be, protected with Spray-Lock.”

In 2010, SCP was applied on steps and sidewalks outside the student housing at the University. Four years later, the difference in SCP-protected concrete and untreated concrete is visible.

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