Spray-Lock Concrete Protection 327 Case Study: Texas A&M University Center for Infrastructure Renewal

In 2016, Texas A&M University began work on the Center for Infrastructure Renewal, located on the new Rellis Campus in College Station. This new building will be one of the nation’s highest ranked, state of the art facilities dedicated to the research of concrete. The world-class facility will feature laboratories and testing facilities equipped with the latest technology to study Pavement Materials, Corrosion, Materials Evaluation, Electric Power Grid, Pipeline System Integrity and Infrastructure Systems.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection 327, applied to the new interior and rooftop concrete in this facility, will drastically reduce surface cracking in exposed polished concrete areas. It will also permanently prevent moisture related issues in areas to receive flooring. The “Reaction Wall”, used to test the strength and resistance of concrete, will be strengthened by SCP 327. SCP is also utilized on the rooftop concrete to provide a rapid cure, saving time in the construction process.

SCP 327 provides a cure equal to or better than a 28-day water ponding, while offering sameday, within one hour, access to the slab. This internal cure greatly reduces shrinkage of the slab, which can lead to surface cracking. With SCP 327, any flooring or coating can be placed in only 14 days from time of pour, with our full 15-year warranty protection intact and no moisture testing required.

SCP 327 is a Curing Medium, Hardener, Densifier, and Waterproofing product all-in-one, enabling cost deductions of other products. Benefits of SCP 327 also include the elimination of slab curl, efflorescence, surface cracking, spalling and freeze-thaw damage.

Architect: Energy Architects, Houston TX

General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke, Houston TX


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