How Does a Rising Water Table Negatively Affect Your Business?

RAINWATER TABLE:“The depth, measured from the surface of the Earth, at which underground water is first encountered.”  It sounds innocent enough. However, too much rain overly saturates the earth and as a result, the water table becomes elevated. When the water table rises even close to the level of basements, crawlspaces, tunnels, elevator pits or a slab on grade, moisture can penetrate the pores and capillaries of the concrete and literally invade your business space. Concrete is, after all, a sponge. The truth is that water doesn’t have to literally flood the building to cause your business a lot of trouble and create a significant potential for lost revenue.

Rising water tables can wreak havoc on your flooring and will greatly impact your business. Moisture problems in concrete will cause downtime, remediation expense and even worse, it can actually make people sick. If you’re experiencing concrete moisture issues that are leading to flooring failure, mold and mildew plus (let’s be honest!) major headaches, the single permanent solution is Spray-Lock Concrete Protection.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection, or “SCP”, is the only colloidal silica in the industry. It penetrates the pores and capillaries deep within the matrix of the slab, completely sealing it and forming a gel that is harder than the concrete itself. If SCP will stop oil well leaks deep below the Gulf of Mexico, it will assuredly keep your office, retail business, school, or hospital flooring dry. What about water seeping through your basement walls or leaking from the ceiling of the parking garage? Spray-Lock Concrete Protection will fix that too.

Whether you need a solution to a concrete moisture problem now or you have the foresight to prevent it from ever happening by cost-effectively treating your new slab at time of pour,  Spray-Lock Concrete Protection has the right waterproofing product, and the right answer, for you.



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