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Dick’s Sporting Goods

SCP 327 provided a fast-track and sustainable flooring solution.

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In early 2012, national retail construction company Fulcrum Construction, wanted to complete a 20,000 square foot Dick’s Sporting Goods project quickly, while also providing a sustainable flooring solution.

In order to expedite the construction process, Fulcrum used SCP 327 at time-of-placement to ensure that the concrete floor would resist moisture migration and reduce spider-cracking, slab curl, shrinkage, and expansion. In just 14 days after concrete placement, Fulcrum used Spray-Lock® Premium Eco Adhesive to apply the vinyl flooring.

Foot and trade traffic accessed the floor shortly after flooring installation. Spray-Lock® Flooring Systems Technology also saved time and money by eliminating the need for costly flooring/surfacing preparation. Using the Spray-Lock® Flooring Systems Technology allowed the retail store to open two weeks early.

Over a year later, the floor is in excellent condition — time-proven, having incurred none of the industry’s typical flooring complications.

SCP 327 Benefits:

• Flooring was installed 14- days after concrete placement
• VOC free
• Non-flammable

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