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Why is it important to waterproof your concrete?

If you are tired of solving moisture and water problems, you should consider using concrete waterproofing products that have been tested and found to guarantee the required protection. GSG Distribution provides various solutions used for this purpose.  Our water based formulas penetrate through the concrete and fills all the capillaries found in the slab and provides an effective barrier within the concrete.  When this happens, it results in a permanent water proof barrier that protects all the coverings from water and moisture damage.

concrete waterproofingconcrete waterproofing products

Investing in buildings costs a lot of money. As such, it is necessary that the investment be protected from adverse whether effects using concrete floor waterproofing products. This will not just protect your building from the ingress of moisture but will make it strong. Buying quality products from reputable companies is important because it guarantees maximum protection to your building.

Ideally, moisture will enter the building in many forms. This is why it is important that you project on how to deal with it using recommended products.  The products chosen should ensure that you have a control of the moisture migration into your property.

The buildings foundation is important and so if it is having problems; it may pose danger to those living in it and a possible financial loss to the owner.  The main sources of problems to most buildings are the foundations. Wet soil and moisture can make your building swell and become unstable. Luckily, this can be avoided by using the right waterproofing product, which  can keep away water vapour and liquids from your building.  Keeping water drained away from the concrete as well as preventing it from moving through the concrete is key for a strong structure.  To do this, you may consider doing the following:

  • Draining and redirecting water ways away from your building using concrete moisture sealers
  • Treating the walls or concrete with the appropriate product so that you can route the water a drain away from the building
  • Treat the entire ground surface adjacent to the building so that you direct the water away from your structures.

Note that it is important you do this in the right manner since you may not get an opportunity to do it another time. If you don’t, it may be very expensive to have it done once the building has been completed. Remember, a leaky foundation can damage your structure or ruin the furnishing and finishes. If you are going to use the building for commercial purposes, leaky foundations and slabs can ruin expensive equipment and could easily disrupt vital work and lead to wasted time, lost money and upset your clients. In some severe cases, it can lead to litigation.

Also, damp concrete can create a stale odour, cause mildew & mold to grow and ruin your carpet or equipment in your garages. This is why it is advisable that you use recommended concrete floor waterproofing products and seal the concrete with concrete protection products so as to eliminate any kind of dampness, which may ruin your equipment and furniture.



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