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AC•Tech 2170™ FC (with its ZERO VOC emissions, no
perceptible odor, and fast curing times) is used extensively in
projects where workers, patients, children or customers are in
areas adjacent to the flooring application work.

AC•Tech 2170™ FC is also the preferred choice when
remodeling, renovation or repair work needs to be completed
within a very short time frame (weekends, holidays, or
overnight) … and must be ready to reopen for business ASAP.

Hospitals • Medical Offices • Adult Care Facilities
Schools • Colleges and Universities
Hotels • Multi-Family Housing
Commercial Spaces • Office Buildings
Retail • Grocery • Restaurants • Big Box Stores


copyright January 2015 Allied Construction Technologies Inc


AC•Tech specialty coatings are backed by a 15 year labor and material warranty. We can stand behind that warranty because 1) we have products that truly perform, 2) we provide technical support during all phases of a project’s execution, and 3) we work exclusively through a network of recommended applicators who have earned AC•Tech approval by completing our comprehensive training program.

AC•Tech, Allied Construction Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We actively collaborate with AB-Polymerchemie (Germany) and Chowgule Construction Technologies (India) to develop, manufacture and support specialty coatings for construction, industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure markets in the US and around the world.

Superior coverage and spreadability for consistent high-quality results.

Directly compatible with most adhesives, urethanes, and resinous floor coverings.

Respects applicator’s health … and the health of the planet.

Customers say they cannot and similar product anywhere else.

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